ADNOL TM Clean - Detergent and Compatibilizer

Technical Data for ADNOL Clean:

Data on Chemical Media

Composition: Mixture of polymers and non-abrasive fillers
Recycling: Multiple uses up to a 50% dilution possible
Material and energy saving: Significantly less plastic waste and shorter set-up times
One product for all applications: Compatible with all thermoplastics

Further information in the technical data sheet in the download area of ​​this page

Brief Description
  • Environmentally friendly and side effects free
  • Composition: blend of wax, surfactants, polymers and nonabrasive mineral fillers
  • Change of state: melting point > 80 °C, no decomposition products, odorless and recommended for use from 130 to 400 °C, with optimal processing temperature at 300 °C
  • Appearance: white micro compound (dry blend), dust free
  • Packing: cartons with PE bags of 25 kg net (bulk density approx. 900 g/l)
  • Labelling: all raw materials are physiologically safe and certified for food and medical application according to BGVV (refer to safety data sheet)

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